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Learn the secrets of magic to amaze and entertain your audience.

The Magician's Oath


Please Honor the Magician's Oath!!!

 I surmise that the reason you are here is because you want to learn how to perform magic effects.  You may even want to explore becoming a magician. 

A magician never gives away the secret of a magic effect (except to fellow magicians
at their own discretion).  Why not?  Because the audience’s enjoyment of magic is due to the surprise and mystery of how the magic happened.  To tell the secret of an effect would take away their enjoyment. 


Once you tell people how to do an effect, all of the mystery is gone.  Plus, if they can do the effect too, your talents and skills are no longer special to them.  People are naturally fascinated by magic as long as they don’t know how it’s done.  So, let's keep it that way!  Let's keep the secret!

Another exception to this secrecy rule is when students need a little extra help and ask Mom, Dad, or an older sibling to help interpret instructions and practice their magic effects. 

P.S.  Always practice your magic effects so you can perform them well and so you won't accidentally reveal the secret to the magic!




this is how to do the disappearing handkerchief trick.  The thumb tip goes on your thumb. To begin with, When you take out the handkerchief and the thumb tip is hidden behind the silk. If I have it in this position,the audience doesn't get to see the thumb tip.

A lot of times, people try to hide the thumbtip moving very quickly. If you notice I don't move very quickly in a streak. The slower you move, the more effective it will be. I show it very cleanly like this, and when I go to put the thumb tip into my hand I simply slip the thumb tip off into my hand as I start poking it in.

I use a variety of my fingers, my thumb, and my other fingers to push this in for the following reason. A lot of times when you see this trick done you'll see people do this. That isn't good because if they know what a thumb tip is they will immediately see you do this and they'll know right away.

What you want to do is you poke it into your hand; you put the thumb tip on and then you keep pushing an imaginary silk into your hand with different fingers.

This part' is important because now you've gotten rid of it but they think that it's still here because why would you poke it if it's not there? You can stab your fingers with the thumb tip. It sounds exactly the same, so you should do that. If you can stab your fingers, boom, you show it disappears. Usually, they'll do this. What I do is I simply brush my hand, keeping the thumb tip underneath these fingers.

This is why they can't see the fake thumb. Even if the color's a little bit off and you think, "Oh, this isn't the same shape as my skin", it doesn't make any difference because they don't get to see it. When I come up here,

I flash it briefly Making sure you "point" the thumb tip directly at their eyes. If you point it at their eyes they can't tell the difference between the length of your fingers and they can't see the seam and they won't be able to tell the colors.

So, I just do this for a second. I come back. I brush my hand. When I turn my hand over I wave this hand, taking thumb tip off into here. It just rotates off to the thumb, removes it as I wave. I remove the silk and as I bring my hands together to straighten it out I just jam the thumb tip right back on and I extend it this way. And that is how you do the disappearing handkerchief.


Cups and Balls


Atom Rings


The Linking Rings (ADVANCED)

The Wonder Rope

(The Amazing Acrobatic Knot - Daryl) 

Gregory Wilson Modified version

The Wonder Rope

(The Amazing Acrobatic Knot - by Daryl)

- Gregory Wilson's Version with his "Patter"

We've all seen those late-night TV commercials, where they sell anything and everything to anybody and everybody and it's usually something you don't need.

So I thought I could do that.

I could sell something that people don't need - like this rope.

Does anybody need this rope? I didn't think so.

So here's my pitch - - - from the folks that brought you, the jump rope, the tightrope and soap on a rope. I'd now like to introduce "Rope".

. . . but it's so much more than that.

Look at these smooth, clean lines.

The reinforced ends, the inter locking construction.

What more could you want?

Did someone say more?

Check it out.

It's a knot and we throw it in absolutely free!

I should also mention. It's not just any not, check it out.

It's a slip knot which means you can slip it off anytime you want and slip it right back on for no good reason whatsoever.

The question is now how much would you pay? Don't answer yet!

Because if you order before midnight tonight, we throw in a red rope for no additional charge.

The question is why red? I say, why not, or in this case white not.

Now for the big finish.

Watch this, don't look away a little twist, a little turn, a little shake.

Boom. It's done. It jumps off the white rope over there, onto the red rope.

. . . and if you really want to freak out your family and friends:

this handy dandy knot is now totally and completely permanent.

Meaning you can't lose it.

And that's why it's called the Wonder rope . . . . . . making you wonder how you ever lived without it.

- - - - - While supplies last, operators are standing by - - - - -

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