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Magic Show Success Tips

To create the best possible kids' & family magic show experience and maximize everyone's enjoyment of the performance, please take a moment to review these general Magic Show Party Success Tips and share them with anyone who will be helping you with your party:

Pre-show setup and distractions

  • Arrival and setup

I will arrive up to 90 minutes before the showtime to set up my three small tables, briefcase, and magic props. Please let me know if there is a designated area for me to set up. If not, I will choose a spot that is out of the way of foot traffic and has enough space for my tables and props.

  • Keeping children occupied before the show

To ensure a smooth setup and on-time start, please keep children occupied with an activity away from the performance area while we set up. This could be in another room, outdoors, or in a designated play area.

  • Minimizing distractions

Please do your best to ensure that distractions such as TVs, music, bounce houses, games, food, guest conversation, or activities are not visible or audible to the audience during the show. This will help to create a focused and engaging atmosphere for the children. Performance area

  • Choosing a suitable location

Select an area with minimal visible distractions for the audience. A stage, wall, or neutral background setting directly behind the performer works well. If the show is outdoors, please choose a location that is away from direct sunlight and windy conditions.

  • Ensuring adequate lighting

Ensure that the lighting is adequate. The magician should be well-lit so that the audience can see their facial expressions and hand movements. If the show is indoors, please turn on all of the lights in the performance area. If the show is outdoors, please consider using additional lighting if necessary.

  • Arranging seating for children

The best seating arrangement for the kids would be to have them sit together on the floor, rug, or carpet in the family room. If the show is outdoors, picnic blankets can be used. To create more space for the kids, it is a great idea to remove the living room table.

  • Encouraging parental participation

Please have all the parents and adult guests sit down and watch the show with the children so they can cheer and applaud for the volunteers who perform "on stage" with me. Parental participation helps to create a more engaging and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Ensuring a smooth show performance

  • Minimizing distractions during the show

While I encourage audience participation and interaction, please be mindful of distractions such as talking and conversations during the show. Whispering is okay, but please avoid loud talking or conversations that could disrupt the flow of the show.

  • Supervising toddlers

Please have parents monitor and restrain toddlers who might wander onto the stage or run around in front of the performer. This will help to ensure the safety of the children and prevent disruptions to the show.

  • Ensuring children have empty hands

Ensure that children have nothing in their hands, such as food, drinks, toys, balloons, noisemakers, or party gifts. They will need empty hands when they come up on stage to assist the magician.

  • Scheduling meals around the show

If possible, have children eat either before or after the magic show. This will help to minimize distractions during the show and prevent spills or messes.

  • Applauding and cheering for volunteers

Applaud and cheer loudly for the children (and adults) who volunteer to help perform magic on stage with JULIUS MAGIC. Your enthusiasm will help to create a more positive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

  • Turning off distractions if outdoors

If the show is outdoors or on a patio, please turn off bounce house fans, air compressor pumps, TVs, and music during the magic show. These distractions can make it difficult for the children to hear and see the magician. Additional information

  • Introduction

(Optional) For my introduction, simply say "Please welcome magician JULIUS MAGIC!"

  • Taking photos and videos

Pictures and videos are always welcome and a great way to capture the magical moments forever. Please feel free to take photos with flash before, during, and after the show. Additional tips

  • Costumes

For an even more engaging experience, consider having the children dress up in costumes. This can help them get into the spirit of the show and make it even more memorable.

  • Special requests or concerns

If you have any special requests or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am always happy to work with you to create the perfect magic show for your event. Thank you for your cooperation in creating the ideal magic show atmosphere and environment. I appreciate you!

I look forward to meeting and magically entertaining everyone with a great show!

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